Saves the Horses Foundation

Saves the Horses is committed to supporting a variety of charitable organizations that make a difference in the lives of people and animals. One such deserving cause is the Polo Rescue Project, a grant program that offers the polo community a chance to give back to horses in need. The Polo Rescue Project works with various adoption agencies to rescue horses in desperate need of a home. It then pairs rescued horses with an experienced trainer who comes from a polo background. The trainers work with horses to bring out their full potential, preparing them for an auction where they find their home. Rehabilitating and rehoming horses is a large undertaking, but with passionate support, it is completely possible. 

When you purchase coffee and other products from the Polo Gear Coffee Company, you’re donating with worthy causes like the Polo Rescue Project that leave a positive impact in our communities. Saves the Horses has just gotten started on its philanthropic journey and can’t wait to see it where it takes us. 

Saves the Horses